Society for Military History

Founded: 1933    Admitted to ACLS: 2010
The Society’s mission is to stimulate and advance the study of military history, and to diffuse knowledge thereof. Established in 1933 as the American Military History Foundation, renamed in 1939 the American Military Institute, and renamed again in 1990 the Society for Military History, the Society promotes the study of military history through publications, conferences, awards, support for graduate studies, and digital information. Its membership includes many of the nation's most prominent scholars, soldiers, and citizens interested in military history. The Society is the intellectual home for military historians worldwide.

CEO Representative and Society Contact

CC Felker
Executive Director
Society for Military History


Brian M. Linn
Texas A&M University
term ends 12/31/2021


Peter R. Mansoor
The Ohio State University
term ends 3/26/2023


Individual: 2,458

Institutional: 238


4/28/2022 - 5/1/2022 Fort Worth, TX
3/23/2023 - 3/26/2023 San Diego, CA
4/18/2024 - 4/21/2024 Arlington, VA