American Studies Association

Founded: 1950    Admitted to ACLS: 1958
The ASA promotes meaningful dialogue about the U.S., throughout the U.S.and across the globe. Our purpose is to support scholars and scholarship committed to original research, innovative and effective teaching, critical thinking, and public discussion and debate. We are a network of scholars, teachers, writers, administrators and activists from around the world who hold in common the desire to view US history and culture from multiple perspectives. In addition to being the oldest and largest scholarly association devoted to the interdisciplinary study of US culture and history in a global context, we are also one of the leading scholarly communities supporting social change. Our main contributions to the mission of advancing public dialogue about the US are the publication of American Quarterly, the flagship journal in the field; our annual international convention and many regional conventions; and our participation in public discussions of pressing issues related to the field of American Studies and the role of the US in the world.

CEO Representative and Society Contact

John F. Stephens
Executive Director
American Studies Association


Roderick A. Ferguson
Yale University
term ends 12/31/2022


Cathy Schlund-Vials
University of Texas at Austin
term ends 6/30/2022


Individual: 5,000


11/3/2022 - 11/6/2022 New Orleans, LA
11/2/2023 - 11/5/2023 Montreal, Canada
11/14/2024 - 11/17/2024 Baltimore, MD