American Society for Aesthetics

Founded: 1942    Admitted to ACLS: 1950
The purpose of the Society is to promote study, research, discussion, and publication in aesthetics. The term "aesthetics," in this connection, is understood to include all studies of the arts and related types of experience from philosophic, scientific, or other theoretical standpoint, including those of psychology, sociology, anthropology, cultural history, art criticism, and education. "The arts" are understood broadly to include not only traditional forms such as music, literature, theater, painting, architecture, sculpture, and dance, but also more recent additions such as film, photography, earthworks, and performance art, as well as the crafts, decorative arts, and various aspects of popular culture.

CEO Representative and Society Contact

Julie C. Van Camp
Executive Director
American Society for Aesthetics


Kathleen M. Higgins
University of Texas at Austin
term ends 12/31/2022


David Davies
McGill University
term ends 1/31/2023


Individual: 658


11/17/2021 - 11/20/2021 Montreal, QU
11/16/2022 - 11/19/2022 Portland, Oregon