American Political Science Association

Founded: 1903    Admitted to ACLS: 1920
It shall be the purpose of this association to encourage the study of Political Science, including Political Theory, Political Institutions, Politics, Public Law, Public Administration, and International Relations The Association as such is nonpartisan. It will not support political parties or candidates. It will not commit its members on questions of public policy nor take positions not immediately concerned with its direct purpose as stated above. But the Association nonetheless actively encourages in its membership and its journals, research in and concern for significant contemporary political and social problems and policies, however controversial and subject to partisan discourse in the community at large these may be. The Association shall not be barred from adopting resolutions or taking such other action as it deems appropriate in support of academic freedom and of freedom of expression by and within the Association, the political science profession, and the university, when in its judgment such freedom has been clearly and seriously violated or is clearly and seriously threatened.

CEO Representative and Society Contact

Steven Rathgeb Smith
Executive Director
American Political Science Association


Adam Sheingate
Johns Hopkins University
term ends 12/31/2022


Josh Ishiyama
University of North Texas
term ends 9/14/2022


Individual: 15,000


9/14/2022 - 9/18/2022 Montreal, Canada
8/31/2023 - 9/3/2023 Los Angeles, CA
9/5/2024 - 9/8/2024 Philadelphia, PA
9/11/2025 - 9/14/2025 Vancouver, Canada