Society for Classical Studies

Founded: 1869    Admitted to ACLS: 1919
Founded as the American Philological Association in 1869, the Society for Classical Studies is the principal learned society in North America for the field of ancient Greek and Roman studies, with a membership composed mainly of university and college teachers of ancient Greek and Latin, classical literature, and ancient history, but also including secondary school teachers and others who are interested in Greco-Roman antiquity.

CEO Representative and Society Contact

Helen Cullyer
Executive Director
Society for Classical Studies


Peter T. Struck
Associate Professor
University of Pennsylvania
term ends 12/31/2023


Shelley Haley
Associate Professor
Hamilton College
term ends 12/31/2021


Individual: 3,000

Institutional: 70


1/5/2022 - 1/8/2022 San Francisco, California
1/5/2023 - 1/8/2023 New Orleans, Lousiana
1/4/2024 - 1/7/2024 Chicago, Illinois
1/2/2025 - 1/5/2025 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania