American Academy of Religion

Founded: 1909    Admitted to ACLS: 1979
The American Academy of Religion is a learned society and professional association of scholars and teachers in the field of religion. The mission of the AAR is to foster excellence in the academic study of religion and to enhance public understanding of religion. Through academic conferences and meetings, publications, and a variety of programs and member services, the Academy fosters excellence in scholarship and teaching. Within a context of free inquiry and critical examination, the Academy welcomes all disciplined reflection on religion--both from within and outside of communities of belief and practice--and seeks to enhance its broad public understanding.

CEO Representative and Society Contact

Alice Hunt
Executive Director
American Academy of Religion


Russell McCutcheon
University of Alabama
term ends 12/31/2021


Marla F. Frederick
Emory University
term ends 11/23/2021


Individual: 9150


11/20/2021 - 11/23/2021 Hybrid, San Antonio, TX
11/19/2022 - 11/22/2022 Denver, CO
11/18/2023 - 11/21/2023 San Antonio, TX
11/23/2024 - 11/26/2024 San Diego, CA
11/22/2025 - 11/25/2025 Boston, MA