American Economic Association

Founded: 1885    Admitted to ACLS: 1919
1. The encouragement of economic research, especially the historical and statistical study of the actual conditions of industrial life. 2. The issue of publications on economic subjects. 3. The encouragement of perfect freedom of economic discussion, including an annual meeting. The Association as such will take no partisan attitude, nor will it commit its members to any position on practical economic questions.

CEO Representative and Society Contact

Peter Rousseau
American Economic Association
Vanderbilt University


David Card
University of California, Berkeley
term ends 12/31/2021


Individual: 16,944


1/7/2022 - 1/9/2022 Boston, MA
1/6/2023 - 1/8/2023 New Orleans, LA
1/5/2024 - 1/7/2024 San Antonio, TX
1/3/2025 - 1/5/2025 San Francisco, CA
1/3/2026 - 1/5/2026 Philadelphia, PA
1/3/2027 - 1/5/2027 Washington, DC