Watch: Ford Foundation President Darren Walker In Conversation with Pauline Yu


ACLS is pleased to present a dialogue between ACLS president Pauline Yu and Ford Foundation president Darren Walker that took place at ACLS's 2016 Annual Meeting in May. See video 

In his forthright and engaging manner, Walker shared the life experiences that led him to his current position. He recounted how he came to understand the power of the humanities at the University of Texas through a course on the classics that changed his life. When Yu noted that he put the struggle for inequality front and center when he assumed the presidency at Ford, Walker explained that he sought to reorganize the Foundation with one focus: asking “what drives persistent inequality.” 

Walker took time to respond to questions from the audience about his "theory of change," the importance of community colleges in the US higher education system, and the future of capitalism. 

The Ford Foundation has aided ACLS in building and expanding communities of knowledge, promoting democratic values, and widening educational opportunities.