Forward-Looking Philanthropy: A Virtual Conversation Among Funders & Black ScholarsWednesday, March 3, 2021 at 4 pm ESTThe ACLS Humanistic Knowledge in the 21st Century Series

Black History Month 2021 Resources

ACLS highlights scholarly resources on the hidden and lesser known histories of the Black American experience.

February 2021 Community Message

Black History Month is a fitting time for us recall our responsibility to combat the structures that hinder the pursuit and sharing of knowledge.

ACLS Program Officer Christine Emeran Contributes to New Book on Student Social Movements

Emeran authored a chapter in the upcoming book, When Students Protest: Secondary and High Schools.

Joy Connolly on Why Associations Are Key to Higher Education’s Survival in Chronicle of Higher Education

ACLS President Joy Connolly's Letter to the Editor in Chronicle of Higher Education highlights the importance of associations.

ACLS Intention Foundry

Incubator will foster new partnerships and support collaborative problem-solving toward achieving a more equitable, inclusive, and just academy. 

ACLS Statement Urging Kansas Board of Regents to Uphold Employment Protections for Faculty

As a nation, we should remain steadfastly focused on the urgent need to invest in the future of higher education.

Febe Armanios

Febe Armanios
Satellite Ministries: The Rise of Christian Television in the Middle East

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Linguistic Society of America
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