Impact of Giving

The American Council of Learned Societies is grateful for the steadfast commitment of each of our donors in helping us promote and advance humanistic scholarship and knowledge throughout society. Here are profiles of just a few of our dedicated supporters working with us in different ways.

The Impact of Your Gift

Jesús G. Ruiz F’20
Emerging Voices Fellow
Latin American Studies
Duke University

“The ACLS Emerging Voices Fellowship is going to provide me with the time and resources necessary to teach and further develop my scholarship as a historian of the Haitian Revolution, the Black Atlantic, and Afro-Latin America; I have already made plans to workshop two articles, and have turned my focus to turning my dissertation into a book manuscript. Being an ACLS Fellow at Duke University is also going to present me with a new set of disciplinary and methodological tools since a crucial component of the fellowship is to work and teach in the Critical Digital Humanities. Thus, I am confident that being an ACLS Fellow is not only going to help propel my academic career, but that it will also teach me new and exciting ways to create and spread knowledge.”

Caitlin Gunn F’20
Emerging Voices Fellow
Feminist Studies
Harvard University

“The ACLS Emerging Voices Fellowship gave me a critical opportunity as I graduated with my PhD into a challenging academic market during the COVID-19 crisis. With this support, I’m able to continue building on my skills in curriculum design and humanities pedagogy. The Emerging Voices Fellowship grants me time to develop my own work on exploring the ways Black people have taken up science fiction and technology as social and political tools. In this socially-distanced and virtually-mediated social landscape of 2020, I teach and research the Black feminist thinkers who are using speculative fiction and social media discourse as blueprints for survival, joy, and community-building.”