Competitions and Deadlines

Updated program descriptions for 2021-22 competitions, and information on new programs and initiatives, will be provided on the website starting in the summer. The online fellowship and grant administration (OFA) system will open for applications to many programs in late July.

2020-2021 Competitions


December 15, 2020
ACLS Fellowships, which include the following named awards:
September 30, 2020
  • ACLS Barrington Foundation Centennial Fellowships in Classical Studies
  • ACLS Carl and Betty Pforzheimer Fellowships in English and American Literature
  • ACLS Centennial Fellowships in the Dynamics of Place
  • ACLS Frederic E. Wakeman, Jr. Fellowships in Chinese History
  • ACLS H. and T. King Fellowships in Ancient American Art and Culture
  • ACLS/New York Public Library Fellowships
  • ACLS Oscar Handlin Fellowships in American History
  • ACLS Pauline Yu Fellowships in Chinese or Comparative Literature
  • ACLS Susan McClary and Robert Walser Fellowships in Music Studies
ACLS Programs in China Studies: