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Society for Military History

Founded in 1933 and admitted to ACLS in 2010, the Society for Military History (SMH) is devoted to stimulating and advancing the study of military history. Its international membership includes many of the world's most prominent scholars in the field of military history, as well as civilian academics, government historians, military personnel, and independent scholars.

SMH works assiduously to bring military history to a broad audience both within and outside the academy and is expanding its role in the broader historical community through alliances with other professional organizations. The Journal of Military History, SMH’s the quarterly journal, is the preeminent scholarly publication in the field of military history. The journal has published scholarly articles on the military history of all eras and all geographical areas since 1937. It publishes articles, book reviews, bibliographies of relevant scholarly articles on military history topics recently published in other journals, an annual list of doctoral dissertations in military history and related disciplines, and an annual index.

The society's latest white paper is "The Role of Military History in the Contemporary Academy" by Tami Davis Biddle and Robert Citino, which chronicles the maturation of the field of military history and assesses its current place in American higher education.  According to SMH's president Greogry J. W. Urwin, the white paper is intended "to generate a dialogue with history professors, college and university administrators, journalists, politicians, and citizens regarding the key role the study of military history can play in deepening our understanding of the world we inhabit and producing an informed citizenry."  

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